Nothing funny happened on the Way to the Forum

Cheap musical references aside, this year’s SIGGRAPH must have been one of the least exciting and uneventful ones in recent history. Either that or I’m getting too old and have seen too much to get as giddy over a simple update as I occasionally did in the past. On the other hand most software news circle around added stability and tools and "under-the-hood-features" which undeniably adds production value to the people using these programs, it just doesn’t sound very spectacular in a press release and so it’s in some way actually quite weird that by leaps and bounds Maxon steals the crown of awesomeness with their new physical renderer when others settle on adding modeling enhancements, optimizing performance or dealing with pipeline integration issues. Still, a lot of this makes it feel like nothing really happened and the real news either happened earlier this year or is lurking somewhere down the road. Well, perhaps some interesting research papers will go online soon which should at least give my geek side something to chew on. On that note: Isn’t it weird when a big company is working on a "research project" and even troubles itself to implement it in an existing app (which, as every user knows, isn’t exactly known for its strong 3D capabilities) and then tells you not to draw conclusions? Now stranger things have happened and Adobe sure have enough rotten carcasses of failed programs in their cellar because they didn’t understand the markets they were aiming for as much as they probably thought, but I doubt you would draw away developers from other critical work just for a tech demo when there are as many loose ends as there are in After Effects

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