Let’s get physical…

No, not what you think! My sex life may not be what I want it to be, but I’m not that desperate… ;-) On the other hand, a matter that has made me bang my head against the wall for years is Cinema 4D‘s renderer. I’ve always been an outspoken critic of what I considered at best a mediocre render to the point of being chastised by other users and branded as a notorious moaner, but then again, I always had the evidence sitting in front of me – even in the old days, Lightwave‘s renderer would beat Cinema‘s in many areas and then came modo. And even my short stint with Maya and thus Mental Ray has taught me a thing or two about the differences in renderers. I also took the huge number of users of VRay for Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render and other alternate render engines as a sign of equal desperation rather than the freedom of choice. Now luckily those times seem to be over as Maxon really have done it and integrated a physically based renderer in R13, which was announced today. Even I am slightly enawed as it literally comes at the right time and makes leaving behind Lightwave for good much much easier and I won’t even have to shell out a ton of money for another render engine. And we even finally can output multi-layered EXR files which will make working with multipass renders much more less cluttered in After Effects along with some other enhancements. Well, September is going to be interesting, my friends…!

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