Symmetry Disorder!

One of my many little brain glitches is a slight pedantic tendency coupled with a symmetry disorder, which makes me on some days a difficult person to be around and at times is driving me mad myself. You know, when you are doing the wash and folding up T-Shirts and it just won’t fold – erm -symmetrically… That being so, I do have a special appreciation for things that mirror, swivel and lathe around imaginary axes to form certain shapes and it so happens that this is also a common requirement for certain design tasks. Now couple that with my obsession about expressions and some general frustrations in dealing with "modeling" using certain plug-ins in After Effects and yupp, exactly what needed to happen, happened – I built myself a tool for dealing with this and after much labor I’m sharing it with the world. For some details visit this page and watch the little clip below. Perhaps you might find it useful in some way and consider making a donation. After all, this place doesn’t run itself., as much as I would like to. And since I like to keep the balance between free content and the other stuff, I have also added another project, which I think is pretty nice in terms of giving you some ideas what you can do with displacement maps in FreeForm Pro (or the Freeform that comes with After Effects even). There’s definitely more to come, but as usual no promises when – I’ve got so much lying around half-finished, yet I never seem to get around to publishing it and making it ready for prime time.

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