No Rehab for Amy!

Jazz, Funk and Soul are rather strange worlds to me, as I never quite got hooked beyond the songs you hear on radio, yet they somehow are always there. In recent years there has been some new life being breathed into it with several young (mostly female) singers lending it a more modern interpretation and fusing it with other music styles and of course this immediately also brings Amy Winehouse to your mind as being on the forefront of this resurgence of this kind of music. It also brings to mind the flamboyancy and wild lifestyle of said lady and unfortunately all this drug and alcohol abuse, anorexia and psychological problems that go with it (or cause those issues?) have now taken their toll. Amy was found dead in her London apartment and she passed away at the age of only 27, which, despite her being probably to blame herself, is still a very sad thing. Granted, lately she was more notorious for her ongoing problems and bad live performances than producing good music, but one could have assumed that if she had gotten over her issues, we would have seen many great albums still to come. Now we will never find out, I guess. It’s just weird that this week I just saw several documentaries on arte (our German-French "culture" channel) and one of them was about Janis Joplin. Feels like history repeating…

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