Feel the Weight!

My lungs seem to be getting worse again when actually due to the medication they should get better and at times it feels like someone has been spraying acid directly into my bronchial system, or if you prefer, like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I predict my next lung x-ray will look as disastrous as did the previous. *yikes* If you were wondering, whether you could simulate this elephant and its physical effects in some way in After Effects, this may now become a bit easier thanks to Newton. It’s finally available for your pleasure. From a bit of playing around it seems to work well, but as I wrote already, I still don’t know quite where it could fit into my work. Also the small Interface makes it very awkward to even set up more complex scenarios, so I don’t really see myself using it any time soon and relying on hand animation, expressions or 3D programs instead. Maybe when they optimize it a bit more for a v2… The running gag of the season of course course is Video CoPilot‘s Element 3D (formerly Atom), which is still nowhere to be seen….

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