Carrion Eaters!

The carcass of the stillborn child that is Final Cut Pro X isn’t even cold, yet there is already some picking at it going on. Both Adobe and Avid are offering special pricing on their video editing products/ suites and indeed the prices are very affordable under any circumstance – if you bought Apple‘s offering and are happy with what it does or one of those skeptical optimists who hope it might at least one day, you still may have enough money for some beefing up of your software. If, on the other hand, you are one of the unhappy ones and have asked for a refund, you would have that money again to re-invest. In either case, someone is gonna be happy getting your money! Which option is best for you will as always depend, but personally I’d still prefer to edit on software from the purple empire every day. Media Composer has come a long way and recent new versions and still wipes its nose with Premiere Pro for one particular reason: Asset and footage management. If Adobe ever got that right one day, I might consider Premiere Pro for real, but until then I’ll relegate it exclusively to editing DV/ HDV/ DVCAM on throwaway projects that don’t survive a week on the harddrive….

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