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Bertie and Lionel

Unsurprisingly, whether or not a movie has received an Academy Award (or Oscar if you will ) is not necessarily a good measure for the quality of the piece when you consider how many crappy movies have gotten the little golden bugger over the years, but occasionally the jury proves at least a tiny bit […]

Symmetry Disorder!

One of my many little brain glitches is a slight pedantic tendency coupled with a symmetry disorder, which makes me on some days a difficult person to be around and at times is driving me mad myself. You know, when you are doing the wash and folding up T-Shirts and it just won’t fold – […]

No Rehab for Amy!

Jazz, Funk and Soul are rather strange worlds to me, as I never quite got hooked beyond the songs you hear on radio, yet they somehow are always there. In recent years there has been some new life being breathed into it with several young (mostly female) singers lending it a more modern interpretation and […]

Keylight? Eeeeklight!

We all love Keylight, don’t we? That is until the point when we actually have to use it and its excessive memory use and general unreliabilty prevents us from actually finishing the simplest DV-based jobs. So it’s a good thing there are a few alternatives, after all. One of them is and has forever been […]


Is Adobe the next FBI? Well, perhaps not quite, but just like an intelligence agency, today’s software companies have a tendency to be excessively curious and using that to their advantage – or not. One such automated data collection thing is the Adobe Product Improvement Program which sends usage statistics to their servers, if you […]

Feel the Weight!

My lungs seem to be getting worse again when actually due to the medication they should get better and at times it feels like someone has been spraying acid directly into my bronchial system, or if you prefer, like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I predict my next lung x-ray will look as […]

64bit is good!?

Since my 4.5 year old Windows XP Professional 64bit Edition workstation at our company’s office was really crapping out over the heavy CAD stuff I’m working on at the moment, I spent the other half of the day working from home on a 2.5 year old Windows Vista 64bit system. Now that by itself is […]