Everybody’s favorite "just add water" color correction/ grading tool, Magic Bullet Looks has received quite an update by releasing version 2 this week, all neatly tied up in the new Magic Bullet Suite (20)11 and along with it comes another new toy called Cosmo, obviously a word play on "cosmetic", but given Red Giant Software‘s recent reworking of their website into a space nebula, "cosmic" is probably just as fitting. ;-) What else? Well, they obviously transplanted some stuff from Colorista and Mojo as separate processing blocks into Looks to cater for Stu Mashwitz‘ favorite obsession with perfect skin tones along with some additional monitoring tools to that end and I’m sure there’s tons of hidden little enhancements too numerous to list all separately, so the best you can do is download the free trial and give it a spin…

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