The Vultures are circling…

…not just necessarily for Lightwave. The inevitable backlash of Apple‘s Final Cut Pro X disaster happens to coincide with some corporate figures from Adobe being released and blog machine John Nack sharing his thoughts. Any surprises? Not really – in a day and age, where even the cheapest stinkin’ mobile phone can do HD video, DSLR cameras are marketed more for video than photography and good old paper posters and flyers are more and more replaced by LCD screens, tablets and other electronic displays, my mom could tell you that it’s a growth industry. If there was a way to decently run MS-DOS on current computers, I guess you could dust off a copy of Autodesk Animator (ca. 1993) and sell it for a good price still. Anyway, more relevant to the matter at hand is another comment by current After Effects product manager Steve Forde. Now he doesn’t divulge anything we didn’t know before, but it sure would be interesting to hear his god sincere opinion on the matter. Maybe one of those days over a cup of coffee at IBC like a few years ago? ;-) One thing is for sure, though: I definitely don’t share his enthusiasm for Premiere Pro. As a serious editing tool it is still severely defunct in too many areas and realtime playback is just one part of the equation that cannot disguise other shortcomings….

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