I need a Dollar, a Dollar is what I need…

Sadly, these words from Aloe Blacc‘s song are all too true and I’m desperately looking for something to bolster my bank account or as they so colorfully say on job pages "new opportunities and challenges", meaning a new regular job would be okay, too. My boss is hopelessly behind in salary payments and if this keeps up a month longer, I really don’t know what to do next short of joining the lines at the employment agency. So if you have anything to do for an After Effects nut, need some software testing and quality assurance on some plug-in or graphics software or could need some fancy swirling cubes rigged with MoGraph in Cinema 4D, I’m all up for it – anything is better than twiddling fingers or working the night shift at Amazon‘s regional expedition center packing parcels. I’m not at the point of "will work for food", though, and have some dignity left in me, so only genuinely sincere offers, please….

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