Elemental Powers!

Not so long ago we all were wondering what Atom might be and now we know – at least a tiny bit. We definitely know it’s no longer called what it was once but rather will be Element (3D) and we also know that it obviously is some sort of 3D shape repeater that will be able to render glossy spheres, cubes and what appears to be some random metaball globs. Of course it’s impossible to judge from just a few pictures, but there seems to be certain similarity with Trapcode Form, if you imagined the latter were actually able to use 3D geometry and naturally any Cinema 4D user will also be reminded of the triumphant moment when you threw together your first cloner in MoGraph. It will be interesting how the end product actually holds up to that comparison. No matter what, recently there have been some interesting new 3D-ish plug-ins for After Effects with FreeForm Pro, Plexus and the Camera Tracker and that generally is a good thing in terms of expanding your creative options, it’s just a shame that none of them really and truly interact due to how 3D in After Effects works.

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