“Hip but helpless”

I’ve written about Adobe‘s failing customer support efforts a couple of times and while it pains me to say this, it appears to be no better today than it was one or two years ago. Too many times frustrated users report on forums having literally spent hours with support guys and not being an inch closer to a resolution of their problems than they were before. I’m not talking about phone support this time that is driving people mad with not so accent-free Indians, but rather things like their live chat or Twitter and Facebook, naturally. So why is that? This brief article on Spiegel (German only) summarizes it better than I ever could, so let me paraphrase: A couple of very engaged people on the front row cannot make up for the underlying systemic problems of a defunct support system. Unfortunately all too true. Now I know my homeys Todd and Kevin and they are certainly trying their best, but from my role as a moderator on the Adobe Community Help I also know the mess that is going on elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong – "free" (to the user) support still costs money, even if it is limited to the latest version as someone needs to pay those people, but after all these years roaming forums I’m still wondering if it is not wasted regardless, when I almost intuitively can answer questions that the official support could not resolve after days. *yikes*

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