The funny thing about a "dynamic database-driven web site" is that you set it up in the hopes of never having to look at HTML, CSS and PHP code again, yet you end up doing exactly that more than you would on a static website. There is always some patch or security update and with regards to linking to other blogs and sites you quickly learn that the so-called permalinks are in many cases not that permanent at all. Last year, I was proud like a dog finally having finished my installation guide stuff, only to find my friends at Adobe shuffling around stuff after a while and links breaking. This has now been rectified with a minor rewrite and some additions with regards to CS5.5. Now that my body is also getting used to my medication and I actually have days where I do sleep more than just 4 hours at night and don’t feel exhausted all over the day I also feel a slight urge and energy to tackle those 25 new error codes that need to be added to the database. As inclined forum followers might have noticed, I’ve been posting at rather unusual times lately due to my insomnia and while 20 hour days in theory allow you to get a lot done, the reality of it is different and I achieved very little in all these weeks at home…

As reported last week, there is now also in a very literal way movement in the After Effects world with the new Newton plug-in and it would seem we are getting even more with Atom. Now nobody really knows what it is, but you wouldn’t name a plug-in that plots knitting patterns like that, right? So this being some sort of particle thing seems a reasonable assumption even if we won’t know for certain until after June 21st. Also Optical Flares coming to Nuke is no doubt interesting news to that crowd and will make the air a little thinner for Sapphire and Knoll Light Factory there as well.

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