Sounds Swedish?!

"Borg – sounds Swedish?!" Absolutely classic Trek quote! While Cycore FX doesn’t sound all too Swedish too me, our friends from a bit farther north have also been busy updating their HD version of the CC effects that come with After Effects, which I somehow forgot to mention yesterday. Most notably many filters now support 32bpc processing, which finally allows you to stick with those effects instead of resorting to other products. It’s still a shame Adobe can’t haggle out a new licensing deal and bundle this highend-ish version instead of just the 8bpc one.

Rather they seem more concerned about pushing a technology such as Pixel Bender… Would adding code protection encourage more developers to use it? I doubt it! The whole thing is a promise of a bright future fallen flat on its face. In those years it has been around, I have seen a lot of experimental stuff and tech demos, but not a single filter I would seriously use in production – not in After Effects, not in Photoshop and even when used in Flash I can’t help but think its just lame when all it is being used for are music visualizers, fake fluid/ paint flow simulation or cheap photo effects. Of course the overall suck level of integration (meaning lack thereof) is a major point – why would I even wanna bother with a framework that does not allow temporal processing or can’t even provide me wit ha program’s native UI control elements? I guess that’s the whole point – all of the power is going to waste when you are stuck with clunky controls and can’t use a program’s native features to bolster the lines, as it were. If I were serious about developing processing plug-ins I know I’d rather bite the bullet and use the SDK and that is obviously what most "serious" developers are doing, anyway.

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