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It’s here – kinda sorta…

As previously noted on this blog, Adobe obviously decided to bring us a little joy and happiness every year from now on and that means their Creative Suite CS5.5 is here for your perusal. Of course this includes After Effects and the new Warp Stabilizer that so far seems to go down quite well with audiences. On some level I understand the excitement, but since our company is still stuck in the 32bit world, I guess I won’t be using it that much other than for my doodling around here at home and we’ll have to do it the hard way at work. I’m still having to download my Master Collection to see what the other programs actually offer as I simply didn’t get a chance to peek in at them so far. I’m not particularly audiophile, but I’m actually quite curious about what they’ve done with (or to?) Audition


One comment on “It’s here – kinda sorta…

  1. Audition looks great, but they ruined real-time previewing of effects. :(

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