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There goes another Hero…

The curse of Babylon 5 (you know, the one where actors suddenly die rather young) seems to go on and so sad news reaches us that Geoff Jeff Conaway, playing security chief Zack Allen in later seasons, has passed away, presumably from overdosing. It’s a pity he couldn’t get a handle on his addiction problems. […]

Sounds Swedish?!

"Borg – sounds Swedish?!" Absolutely classic Trek quote! While Cycore FX doesn’t sound all too Swedish too me, our friends from a bit farther north have also been busy updating their HD version of the CC effects that come with After Effects, which I somehow forgot to mention yesterday. Most notably many filters now support […]

Je, tu, ils – French Ménage…

… à trois? Probably not, but as the plot thickens and the story around Newton unfolds, the involvement of several Frenchman (and Franco-Canadians) reveals itself in mysterious ways. According to an article by fellow Adobe Community Help moderator Bruno Quintin, the plug-in is coded by Charles Bordenave and his fellow. Who? Exactly the guy to […]

A Message from the deep End

Not that I need to remind anyone here of it, but obviously this is my first post in 2 weeks, so aside from the usual uneventfulness in the After Effects world, something more must be going on. and right you are, my friends! I’ve been sick at home for several weeks now with serious breathing […]

It’s here – kinda sorta…

As previously noted on this blog, Adobe obviously decided to bring us a little joy and happiness every year from now on and that means their Creative Suite CS5.5 is here for your perusal. Of course this includes After Effects and the new Warp Stabilizer that so far seems to go down quite well with […]