Rabbit Attack!

Yepp, friends, it’s Easter and time to fill in the gaps in my half-finished NAB posts. Not that there is much to report – as already said last time, this year is full of "My mom could have guessed it" stuff – a few performance enhancements here, a few bug fixes there, a new version of some program every now and then… It’s odd that even the few real novelties (at least the ones relevant here) have been slightly stretched thin by announcing them literally months before you even would think of NAB. One such thing is FreeForm Pro, the bigger brother to Freeform. Pretty much one year ago I was in fact doing some stuff in preparation for the show which made me yearn for better performance. Would have made things a lot easier. You only realize that when suddenly you find yourself whiling away time with exploring things that you never even dared to attempt before. That is to say I have done that quite a bit and you may look forward to seeing some of that stuff make it onto my resource pages… As usual – stay tuned!

Oh, and just to clarify the title: Yes, people are referring to easter bunnies, but isn’t it strange that most of the decorative, plushy and chocolate varieties look more like rabbits than genuine bunnies or hares even? I guess if they keep shortening the ears even more, one day we’ll have rats or hamsters.

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