The Quiet before the Storm

It’s a pretty strange time of the year. You know, it’s so quiet in the video world, you could hear a chameleon fart in the Amazonas. Of course there is a reason for this – NAB is near and its impending doom of some companies dumping expensive updates of their buggy software on users is just as silencing as for different reasons is the prospect of some potentially cool technologies and tools emerging. On the latter front, our friends at Adobe have jumped the gun and released a preview of up and coming technology in After Effects as well as several others. Now of course they deceitfully call them "technology previews" as if that would make people less expect this to appear in whatever next version of their products, but the simple application of common sense will tell you, that this will appear in the next version. No doubt what and when that will be will all fall into place some time during next week. So keep an eye peeled and an ear open for more news as they arrive…

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