Don’t mess with Plesk!

If you read this particular post, then you should be glad you can. Yesterday I felt quite daring and attempted to update the Plesk software that manages the server’s infrastructure and I should have known it was a stupid idea. Yepp, I got what I asked for and naturally, everything exploded in my face. I can’t even blame anyone, as forums are full of these issues, but I guess I was expecting to be one out of thousand people that got lucky. No such thing happened and I ended up with a useless server that had to be nuked from the ground up and rebuild my sites. For the time being, this blog and the After Effects Error Code Database are back, the download section and plug-in guide will magically reappear some time next week or even this weekend already. Now every bad thing has a good side in that you learn from your mistakes, and there were a few interesting lessons here which should come in handy later this year, when there will be some planned maintenance.

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