You have to give it to the Canadians – they sure know how to do some good movies and when they unite with the Brits (the movie I’m talking about was co-produced by Michael Winterbottom, who on his own has done some work on off-beat movies and TV series) Apparently their film fund allows enough room to breathe even for slightly odd, non-mainstream movies such as Snow Cake. I found myself watching this on Thursday evening and really was touched by its positive message. It perfectly balances some melodramatic aspects with subtle comedic interludes and this makes it highly lovable all the way. One of the reasons is no doubt the outstanding cast. The ever gorgeous Sigourney Weaver paired with Allan Rickmann, to most of us known as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies, makes this a surefire combination. Weaver playing the autistic Linda and Rickmann playing Alex, a Brit with a secret burden, makes for one of the most unusual pairings of movie history. Linda’s autism is never ridiculed and in fact the main driving force of the movie – her inability to deal with and express emotions even after the loss of her daughter is what drives Alex and others to explore their own ones deeper. On the other hand, her ticks and views of some things make you smile, because you never even considered how different the world around us might actually be, if only you allow yourself to see them through different eyes. The supporting cast is also well chosen and brings us some familiar faces in different roles. Carrie Anne Moss of The Matrix fame as the neighbor in which Alex finds refuge in many ways is not something you’d expect from her as she hasn’t exactly been playing too many high-profile roles and seems forever be relegated to being too sexy to be taken serious. The movie also has Callum Keith Rennie, who seems to be in every second Canadian production, anyway. His role is minor here, of course just like in Whole New Thing and cannot compare to his extensive work as Leoben on Battlestar Galactica. Overall, I highly recommend watching this movie if you are looking for something worthwile. Yes, it may be a "problem movie", but not of the kind you probably expect. It’s lighthearted and doesn’t drag you down and this makes for a highly entertaining 2 hours.

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