9 Months!

While I was watching again yesterday (and chatting about it with a friend) it occurred to me, that the Cirque is actually homing in on my area again, but I hadn’t kept track of things. Yes, after about 15 years, they are coming to Leipzig again. I have some vague memory of Saltimbanco stopping over here around 1995, but way back then I didn’t really know anything about Cirque nor would I ever have had the money because I was on apprenticeship and only got some measly monthly stipend… But I digress. Alarmed by this reminder, I hurriedly opened up the online reservation page and just in time manged to save me and my family some good seats 4th row from stage, on a Saturday evening no less! Those 400 Euros are burning a deep hole in my pockets, but since opportunities to see any of their shows here are rare enough, I will be more then happy to come up with more self-deluding excuses to myself to justify it. Too bad it’s still 9 months away, but at least this is the perfect Christmas present for myself…

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