Derezz this!

With some of the pieces prominently featured in the trailers for Tron:Legacy, I was almost immediately in love with the soundtrack. Not because it’s been composed by Daft Punk, but because it very well captures the feel of the original Tron movie’s music. Now that I have it in my hands, I feel confirmed in my initial impressions – it is fantastic. How well it matches the movie I won’t be able to tell until it starts in early January around these parts here, but it seems to fit reasonably, carrying this sense of foreboding very well throughout the score, sometimes with rather aggressive staccato and percussion, sometimes with broad somber strings and brass. Speaking of which – while everyone’s French disco duo did the score, one should not make the mistake of assuming that this would be like their dance albums. Yes, there are occasionally their trademark guitar riffs and other electronic beeps and noises, but otherwise it is still a quite conventional symphonic soundtrack for the most part, but one of the better ones…

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