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It’s really "the day after" for me and I’m sitting here not quite knowing what to do with myself because I’m so exhausted. I’ve been working late a lot those last weeks/ days and I really need to catch up on sleep. It’s funny how much of an impact this lack of sleep has when you get older. When I was in my twenties, I did this all the time and didn’t feel a thing, but these days it makes me feel like I’ve been injected with a dose of chemicals to stay awake all the time and feel pretty wired up. Speaking of which – even though Marihuana hasn’t been legalized in California, I’m not sure what the marketing people at Adobe do occasionally smoke or whether the toxicological effects of using too much herbs on a Thanksgiving turkey can have similar results, but what on Earth would a European resident do with a 30% discount on Lightroom which

a) at the time of writing this post is almost run out plus
b) requires you to buy other expensive products whose
c) the initial price already was higher than in the US and
d) requires you to buy from Adobe directly.

Where does that make sense on any level, when you can get better deals from resellers and don’t have to make hasty buying decisions?! This is a complete marketing brain fart! C’mon, big red A, you can do so much better. You know, something like my first encounter with Illustrator 10 back than when you tried to lure away Freehand users for just 129,- Euros (or was it still D-Marks?; can’t remember) that would be something. Otherwise shaving off something like 15 Euros off a 1700 Euros bundle really isn’t making anyone’s nose tingle in these parts…


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  1. I’m ‘only’ in my early 20s and already feeling like a train wreck after a heap of late nights. Not fun! Thanks for your Error Code database though, helped me find the cause of a bug in my project and let me get to sleep slightly earlier than usual!

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