I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately with various particle effects (more on that at a later point here on this blog) and experiencing regular and frequent crashes plus of course having made my life difficult by working in After Effects CS5, as mentioned in the previous post, is a painful reminder of how awesome Particular actually was and is. Now thanks to the folks at Red Giant Software, users of Nuke, so far without any native particle tools, can enjoy a bit of this awesomeness too. Since I don’t use Nuke currently, I can’t really judge how well it works in practice, but from the short introductory video it seems to integrate nicely. More to the point, Particular fits a lot more naturally into Nuke‘s 3D environment than it ever did in After Effects‘ 2.5D-ish one. Makes me almost wish I would be using it, but then of course I must admit it just isn’t the best choice for most of my work and I’d too much miss al lthat stuff I have become so accustomed to in Adobe programs…

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