Expressions + CS5 = Creepy

Oh my… Aside from technical hinderances that currently prevent me from using After Effects CS5 at work and relegate me to dabbling with it here at home at best, I’ve always been slow to switch to new versions of programs. Not for the reasons others might cite – amazingly, even though I have quite a few plug-ins, a lot of my work can be done without them – but rather for keeping things compatible with other users or our own machines at work until we upgrade. Can’t simply afford having something not work. Now, as if to prove my point, CS5 is giving me a hard time. Trying to whip up a few more cool projects using Delirium v2, I stumbled upon some very nasty expression related issues. For one, it seems the program is not keeping line breaks straight. This means you have a real hard time producing "beautiful" (read: well readable) code formatting. There’s always one line break too many somehow. Now that certainly is a minor thing, but the second one irks me considerably more. Effects like Circle use contextual properties that enable/disable themselves based on other options and CS5 can’t correctly handle that. Imagine the aggravation of having to fix broken expressions in nested comps every time you open a project…. So for what it’s worth, I will probably be going back to CS4 for the time being. Not nice, as I will have to rebuild the project, but what can you do?

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