Oh mighty Sinus!

Can’t complain without doing something about the situation, so I took it upon me to produce a few projects to better demonstrate the possibilities of some of the effects in Digieffects’ Delirium v2 after joining in the criticism of they slightly not so great promo clips so far. As a start, I’ve lost myself in the beauty of sinus patterns, but since this will be an ongoing process, no doubt you could/ should expect more bits and pieces to surface, which I guess is good, anyway. Adding the projects here in the Particles category, I realized that I haven’t really published any projects in a long time. It’s kinda weird, as I’m working with After Effects pretty much every day, but most of my stuff either

a) is client work I cannot publish or
b) is too complex to give away for free or
c) is never truly finished because I can’t find the time

So doing a few simple projects inbetween all my other activities may at least help fill up the repository a tiny bit. Enjoy!

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