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Feel the Fire!

It’s going to get cold, real cold tomorrow here with predicted temperatures around -10 degrees and since I’m sure there are enough places where it’s even colder, so I thought giving you a little something to warm up. Yepp, it’s one more round of projects for Digieffects’ Delirium v2. Even if flamethrowers may not be […]


It’s really "the day after" for me and I’m sitting here not quite knowing what to do with myself because I’m so exhausted. I’ve been working late a lot those last weeks/ days and I really need to catch up on sleep. It’s funny how much of an impact this lack of sleep has when […]

Copy & Paste this….

No doubt, big plug-in suites like Sapphire are meant to impress, but sometimes it’s the little things that we grow most fond of. One such tool was Copy Image, which was really useful when you had to extract still frames in After Effects and touch them up quickly in Photoshop but has long been missing […]

Holiday Season will be upon us soon…

…so you better be prepared! I’ve done my part by baking a huge pile of cookies all morning and stowing them away in a pottery jar, so they can unfold their aroma in time for the festive days. Now I can’t share these delicacies with you for practical reasons, but I can let you have […]


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately with various particle effects (more on that at a later point here on this blog) and experiencing regular and frequent crashes plus of course having made my life difficult by working in After Effects CS5, as mentioned in the previous post, is a painful reminder of […]

Expressions + CS5 = Creepy

Oh my… Aside from technical hinderances that currently prevent me from using After Effects CS5 at work and relegate me to dabbling with it here at home at best, I’ve always been slow to switch to new versions of programs. Not for the reasons others might cite – amazingly, even though I have quite a […]

Oh mighty Sinus!

Can’t complain without doing something about the situation, so I took it upon me to produce a few projects to better demonstrate the possibilities of some of the effects in Digieffects’ Delirium v2 after joining in the criticism of they slightly not so great promo clips so far. As a start, I’ve lost myself in […]