Adobe MAX an that is that…

In past years we probably couldn’t care less about Adobe MAX, since nothing ever happened, but in light of the HTML5 vs. Flash battle, that has changed, if only slightly. So what do we have here? Tons of weird, impractical and awkward ideas of using tablets and mobile phones, a not even 10% finished HTML5 authoring tool prototype, a conversion tool from Flash to HTML5, of course the previously blogged Project ROME and last not least PixelBender doing 3D. While it clearly shows that, if nothing else, Mr. Jobs has put a sting in Adobe‘s pride and complacency and they are acting upon it, none of it is particularly unexpected or surprising. I would have expected Flash CS6 to spit out native HTML5, anyways. Whether ROME will gain any larger importance and people actually use it when they need to pay for it is written in the stars, and well, can’t help it, but PixelBender is still pretty irrelevant in the grander scheme of things. Adding this 3D stuff feels like the usual desperate attempts to make good 10 years too late. and that tablet stuff – well, just awful. Why anyone would even attempt to mix up a few colors in an iPad app for Photoshop, ruining his finger tendons in the process, is beyond me, when he can do the same much better and much more intuitive on the screen. It’s a shame that common sense is such a rare commodity these days and people seem to want exploit technology at all cost just to show that they can, even if it makes things more complicated… For all the gory details, check Adobe Blogs and Adobe TV.

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