Go with the Flow? Me? No!

Ah yes… Long discussed and developed behind closed doors, only shown to a few people attending specific tradeshows, inevitably GridIron Flow enters the next public Beta for version 2. While I thought the idea was cool when I was shown the first version behind closed doors, only for the final product to fall short of my expectations, I’m even more skeptical now. What is particularly annoying is that even this product continues the trend of providing specific features as online services for a monthly fee. Now I’m not naive and understand the business side of things and the beauty of having such a continuous cash flow being tempting for any company, but you know what: Not before long you will be paying more money to Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and GridIron (and your Internet and phone service providers) for their services than you ever spent on upgrades for their conventional software products. It’s funny that people complain about a 300 bucks Photoshop upgrade, but happily pay 4 times as much money per year just so their boss can pester them on weekends by throwing them mails on their iPhones and have them work on stuff. Brave new world indeed…!

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