There is only one Office, Microbrains!

Ah, the joys of Open Source software! Since my old Microsoft Office wouldn’t run on my current machine back then, I decided I will try to be a good citizen and give OpenOffice a spin and I’ve been using it for a while now. While it certainly covers all my limited needs in terms of features, I have always been put of by its ugliness and inability to properly render anything that would print nicely nor is actually working inside the apps particularly enjoyable – the poor antialiasing of type and the lack of proper support for on-screen hinting for instance literally hurt the eyes and are an insult to anyone who places a tiny bit of value on good type and formatting. Because of that, now that I have gotten involved with some more extensive writing, I decided to take the plunge and got me a license of the new Microsoft Office 2010 and what can I say? It’s good to be back! The whole experience is much more enjoyable and against my initial skepticism, the changes to the UI make sense. That’s not to say I’m in love with the ribbons and the simplified printing column dialog still confuses me every time, but you can really get used to it without hating it. So I guess my OOo days are over for now. That seems to go down the drain, anyway, with Oracle battling over the IP it absorbed from Sun and LibreOffice being yet another split-off of OpenOffice.

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