Acrobat goes X

Since I have been blogging about security issues in Acrobat a couple of times this year, I thought this is relevant news, after all. Yepp, your favorite document management application turns 10. Is this a good thing? Hard to tell. Aside from the uncreative choice of name by simply branding it Acrobat X (reminds me a bit of Xtina Aguilera minus the boobs and lingerie; even the red-pink-lilac-ish pastel backgrounds kinda fit this image), the details on the new features are sketchy and they completely do not answer the one decisive question: When I use all the fancies, can I now at least do so in a safe fashion without being afraid to fall victim to bad people? So I guess we’ll all have to wait until we can actually get our hands on the trial versions or the mythical sandboxed Adobe Reader and throw some virus infected PDFs at them…

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