Apple TeeVee?

You know, I love it when I get those cute mails from Apple, trying to convince me to buy products that I don’t have the money for nor would have a way of actually working with. First it was the iPad – while I don’t have an exact use case for it in mind, it sure would be stylish to have one, but I in addition to the already outrageously high price I’d have to invest in a mobile Internet contract running 24 months and costing me 50 extra Euros a month. That’s assuming I actually could use it – where I live, there is neither an openly accessible "City" WLAN nor do I have UMTS reception. And that’s being just a few miles outside the next big city, mind you! The same is pretty much true for any video-on-demand stuff such as Apple TV. With my meagre 1.5 Mbits/sec. DSL, I’d have to make up my mind 2 days in advance and start the download. Not that it matters much – the choice of content in the German iTunes is severely limited and judging from the preview clips, the encoding quality is still as awful as I was noting when it all started. So for what it’s worth: Apple, keep your gadgets and perhaps ask me again in 5 years. Maybe by that time I have a better Internet access that in turn would allow you to deliver me good quality clips (both in content and visual appearance), not the crap you have currently on offer. Until then I can happily live with my DVD collection, an occasional order of a new stack of DVDs on Amazon and watching news and documentaries via DVB-T on public TV.

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