As tough as you can make them

Bad week for Adobe, I guess, with two severe leaks in Acrobat and Flash making the rounds on ze Web and being actively exploited. Now of course that sounds like the shit that is happening everyday and it is, but what is surprising, is that the fix is pretty easy – download the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and enable all those useful features that Microsoft has put there for us in our operating systems. Here’s the deal, though: We shouldn’t have to do this at all! I mean, Adobe has known problematic their security is in these products for eons and could enable those security switches for us. Why they don’t do it, is pretty much an open question. On the bright side, they are not alone – iTunes/ Quicktime and even Firefox are just as sloppy, not using these features. Makes you wonder, given that all these tools regularly access the Internet and download one or the other file – with or without your knowledge – and those files could always bring some baddy with them. The least we could expect is that vendors harden their apps as much as possible and make it difficult for those intruders, but I guess when you are trying to prove a point and secure your market monopoly you’re too busy cranking out new features and squeezing the money out of your customers instead of creating better, more secure software….

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