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Forum Patrol or: Why the Adobe Forum really sucks these Days!

You know, it’s one of those days… It’s amazing how many people actually try to make a living in the media business, when they have not the slightest clue about how to use their programs nor even the most basic concepts of digital imaging or general principles. Let’s see what we have today.

First, we have this gentlemen who tries to tell me that the problem cannot be his Mac or the third-party hardware, because obviously using a Mac is such a sad thing that you only can select from a few thousand components and Steve Jobs being like unto the mighty God, he all tests them himself and writes each and every driver and bug fixes for OS X, ensuring that the only other evil forces must come from the outside, including After Effects CS5. That is, as he keeps saying in his iPad or whatever presentations and the recent HTML5 vs. Flash debate, everything is perfect in Apple land until someone else enters.

Their own users having reached a point where they are drawing similar conclusions is a sad thing indeed, so any attempt at seriously figuring out driver issues or potential file I/O problems in a 64bit environment become meaningless. If that weren’t enough, he tries to pull a fast one telling me I’m not his wife. I’m glad I am not! You know, the way my luck runs, he’s older than 45, overweight, has hair all over his body, bad teeth, a small dick and generally looks like he spent a night in the garbage dump… Exactly the kind of man I wouldn’t even consider for a blowjob, even if he were the last male human being on this planet.

Next on the list is this kid, who tries to get smart with me on whether or not to uninstall older versions once CS5 has been installed. Granted, I could have just said to leave it on his drives instead of pointing out the slightly foolish nature of his question, but you know what – since when is posting on forums an excuse to leave your brains and common sense in the laundry machine?

Highlight of my day, however, is being called a cunt, asshole and all these other nice things. That wouldn’t be so bad in itself, but the person posting apparently qualifies as what Americans call Trailer Trash – the posts were so full of bad grammar and general poor use of the English language, it makes any recent OECD studies about the US being at the forefront of education sound like an urban legend.

What’s most disappointing about any of those matters, is how long it takes for any of the moderators to lock those threads or even remove those posts once reported as abuse. I should know, I’ve been chastised a number of times for less. So I guess it’s a useless feature after all, is it?


One comment on “Forum Patrol or: Why the Adobe Forum really sucks these Days!

  1. You need to spend less time on bitter contention with phantoms of ungrateful people you try to help, and delete those posts wherever you can. They really take away from all the good stuff you offer.

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