Dans le Port d’Amsterdam…

…y a des marins qui chantent…. Of course there is other things in Amsterdam than just singing mariners, so this little excerpt from the great Jaques Brel chanson seems somewhat out of time, but is still a nice song. The Les Enfoirés version with Isabelle Boulay and Garou gives me goose bumps every time – just two great voices singing a great song. Among the more modern things the city has to offer is the annual IBC conference and show and while I would loved to go there, I just didn’t have the money to go there due to the ongoing shock waves of what everyone only now calls The Crisis rippling through our company’s bank account and making salary payments a matter of prayerfully staring at the calendar at the end of the month… So for the third year in a row, I won’t be there. *sigh* It’s always nice to meet the people and go hunting for those little souvenirs to bring home. It also is one of the few opportunities where ordinary people like me get their hands on more higher-end-ish equipment just to fell deluxe, but alas, it’s not happening so I’ll have to sit here at home and wait for the relevant news to trickle in. Incidentally, one such news is the availability of the After Effects 10.0.1 a few days after the Premiere Pro update whose fixes for RED, various digital SLR footage things and the notorious CS5 AIFF bug makes good marketing on the show, but of course is utterly useless to people like me who never use it. So can I fucking have this MacPro now to try it out, please?

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