Updates, Updates, and even more Updates!

Ah, one of those days… As I’m writing this, a whopping 500 megabyte update for Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder is downloading, which makes me yearn for the days, when we swapped software on floppy disks and developers competed for the best compression to get their programs among people as slim (and thus distribution cost friendly) as possible. Compare that to today’s gluttonous apps who seem to suck in extra bytes just to inflate file sizes… No wonder the internet is requiring more and more resources to keep up!

The latter also applies to Cinema 4D R12, whose demo weighs in with a hunky 1.6 gigabytes. I just gave it a spin for about 15 minutes, but there is really not much there to write home about. A few “me, too” features that competing apps have had for a while, but not really anything truly innovative. Feels to me like Maxon is the next Autodesk or in fact worse, because they hold on to their outrageously high pricing (strictly speaking about the only “complete” package, Studio), without being able to offer a similar return value to the user. Dunno, while I was willing to give them some credit on R 11.5 a year ago, I now again have completely fallen from faith. It’s certainly still a very usable and comprehensive package, it’s just technologically outdated in too many areas and nowhere near competitive anymore.

And what do we have on the hardware front? Yes, of course, Apple is presenting their annual updates to their iPod line of products. Now my 2 year old nano is showing signs of the battery getting weaker with every recharge cycle and a replacement would be due, but I just can’t wrap my head around this multitouch nonsense. The jog wheel was so much more practical – you could operate the damn thing blindly while it was in your pocket. Now you will probably have to take it out, unlock the screen and do some weird gesture every time you just want to skip a song. Mmhhh… at least they had the sense to add some buttons for volume control. In any case, I’ll have to take a look at the thing in a hardware store before making any decisions.

On that same note, Apple keep sending me those mails about “The best Mac Pros of all time” and indeed those new 12 core machines do look interesting. So who’s up for buying me one? ;-)

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