You are just a Program!

More and more info is cropping up what no doubt is going to be one of the most interesting movies of the year – for us geeks, anyway. not only did another trailer for Tron:Legacy emerge last week, but today I also stumbled upon some bits from the film’s score. Composed by Daft Punk, it excellently blends their video game style beeps and bleeps with the symphonic qualities of more conventional movie soundtracks. Sounds a bit like some songs on their their Discovery album with a broader instrumental base. Some of the snippets are of course used in the trailers, but you should definitely listen to the bits and pieces in the audio players – as long as they are there. Personally I quite like it. It already evokes this feeling of the vastness of the world inside the computer, while clearly having this brooding, yet optimistic undertone. Ah, makes me already wish I was standing in one of those glowing Spandex suits under the communications tower, snogging with another well-shaped program guy… ;-)

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