SIGGRAPH Madness – Day Two – not so mad

Mmh, this second day doesn’t really offer any exciting news, but I’ve got to write something, so let’s see what we have. First, SideFX now officially presented Houdini 11. Considering that they had an announcement already almost 2 months ago, the Wow-factor isn’t that great. I also wasn’t particularly convinced by their sample videos, but then again those may have been rushed and not show the full potential.

Another, perhaps more relevant news (for the future at least) is the release of some specs for Alembic. Could be interesting, if it really can replace the various deformation, particle and point caching methods and formats used in different 3D apps, but that may be a while. At least they seem to have some good ideas on how to avoid point/ vertex list bottlenecks (the inefficiency of relevant sorting algorithms being a major reason, why many 3D apps eventually will still be slow as molasses when those lists need to be reorganized).

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