Everything is new at Le Cirque…

Just an accidental find this afternoon: Le Cirque du Soleil has a completely restructured website! While the design idea of the "infinite arena"/ white room is a bit dated, and certainly it’s not the most fancy use of Flash and JavaScript, it has resolved one of the biggest problems of the old site: There was no good way to explore everything and you literally had to know which show you were looking for beforehand. now this is all much more enjoyable and breathes a more creative, free spirit just like the shows themselves. One other very good thing, especially for us poor souls who will never have the money to travel the world just to see all shows, is that they have broadened their selection of video clips to include official snippets from pretty much every show, so you don’t have to go fishing on YouTube just to get a feel for what the acts look like in the real performance. Still, I wish they would get over it and just release them all on DVD/ BluRay. *sigh*

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