3 times scary….

As I’ve written in some past ramblings, WordPress always scares me with how odd and insensible some things are actually structured in the underlying code that also drives this blog. This always makes my knees all wobbly when a new version comes out and I need to update. There’s always the chance that some new code in the core modules or some plug-in makes your elaborately crafted custom templates explode or renders entire sections unusable due to incompatibilities. However, I’m glad to report that it seems that regardless of my putting off this critical transition for a while, it seems that version 3 goes nicely together with all my stuff, which puts me in a position where I can’t possibly delay much longer. So even if you mostly probably don’t care much, there’s a good chance that this and my other pages will run on this latest version in a few days. *yippee*

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