Take me out of the Oven, Moogie!*

*Quark in "Shadows and Symbols", Star Trek – Deep Space Nine, ep. 2, season 7

These simple words quite well describe how it currently feels. It’s just friggin’ hot and there is not much change in sight. When I was going to bed yesterday midnight, we still had 25 degrees, which makes sleeping just as much a punishment as trying to not faint during the day. Therefore, just like the past week, outside my hours at work I’m pretty much spending my time with doing nothing except playing Zelda on my DS, watching my all time favorite sci-fi series, Babylon 5, on DVD and random forum posts here and there. I’m still not an inch closer to finishing my projects and stuff is beginning to pile up, but well, that’s just the way it is… so if you were wondering what’s going on, don’t expect much this coming two weeks, either. It’s predicted to stay hot and we will have to sizzle a bit longer.

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