Nokan – Departures

Because it is so hot currently (yesterday was the hottest day so far with 36 degree Celsius) and this really makes your brain feel like a pudding, I find myself turning off the computer quite a bit in favor of less demanding things like just playing games or watching DVD. This also gives me some opportunity on catching up on movies that I missed in cinemas , because they are not mainstream material and only ran for a week or did not run at all. one such movie is Nokan – Departures. The German tag line is much more fitting, though, reading Die Kunst des Ausklangs (the art of passing), which much better describes what it’s all about and gives it a much more positive tone because that’s what it’s all about – to embrace dying and death as a normal part of life and being thankful for the time those people spent with you. It’s really quite touching. Speaking of departures, it gives me a certain satisfaction that that little fat Argentinean with a drug problem has been proven wrong and his team has been kicked out of the Soccer World Championchips. Or more down to the point: Our German boys mopped the floor with them, scoring a whopping 4:0…

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