Please do not hold the Line, this is not Adobe (or Maxon) Support!

Recently I had several contacts via my contact form and through private message systems on forums. While I appreciate everyone’s trust and adoration as much as the next guy, let me be candid: These means are not meant as a way of providing individual support for problems you may have with Adobe software, Maxon‘s Cinema 4D or any creative issues you may have. Yes, I maintain a site that is 90% After Effects centric and yes, at some point in my life I did those tutorials on creativeCOW that somehow still are popular, but my life consists of more than that and I have moved on in several areas (including currently not using C4D). I’m also not in any way affiliated with Adobe or Maxon beyond my voluntary work on forums and a few other places. It’s not that one of them sends me 2000 Euros a month just so I can advise their users… So with all due respect, take your questions elsewhere and post them publicly in forums or on mailing lists. There is no reason to be shy about it and you may even get better answers than you could ever get from me, especially with regards to software that I haven’t used in 5 years. If I pick them up there, that’s a whole different matter, but otherwise I really don’t feel like replying to PMs and filling in the gaps of the companies’ support systems, much less on a day like today where it’s 36 degrees in the shade.

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