Sucker less sucky?

Mmh, yeah, while I still think Photoshop is a hopeless case in many ways (but then again, that is just as true for other Adobe apps), at least it gets some fixes every now and then, such as has happened today. On the other hand, if you need to issue a patch 2 months after release that fixes an issue in one of your most advertised key features (Content Aware Fill), my faith crumbles again. But well, at least now my 3D gizmo has correct hardware antialiasing. *hooray* There seems no hope in sight for the various other 3D drawing issues, though. I also can’t help but notice the number of critical issues on Mac, which convinces me even more that using one is no good idea these days. It’s funny how the situation is just the reverse of what we had in the mid-90’s, where you couldn’t sell a PC to some people even if you bundled it with a Ferrari! In any case, if that little bugger of Adobe notifier doesn’t remind you that there are some updates available, it never hurts to go to your Help menu and check for updates. Maybe after that the world is a better place for some people at least….

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