Nukeing hot!

I know my cheap puns may not go down too well, but as the outside temperatures are slowly but steadily rising to a predicted 36 degrees on the weekend, it really feels like what the heat wave must be after a nuclear bomb has been set off. I’m just an inch away from putting ice cubes in odd places… Hopefully, we will never have to find out what such a bomb aftermath feels like for real, nor the nuclear winter thereafter. Anyway, on the matter of nuking I can proudly speak of some experience, as I have managed to produce some leaky PHP functions in the ongoing struggle to improve my web sites, which is far too easy for my taste. Staring at that white browser window always makes you think WTF? and then you realize that you’ve forgotten some semicolon somewhere. Makes me really wish PHP had some built-in error handling like JavaScript and was more forgiving.

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