It’s Sunday and it’s good!

Yepp, our German boys just wiped the floor (or more precisely, the lawn) with England‘s team and is now moving on to the quarter finals. Will be a tough call, though, no matter whether they will play against Mexico or Argentina. In Formula 1, Vettel scored a victory, too, which isn’t that bad, either, given that he has been rather unlucky this year so far due to lots of technical problems. While watching all this, I also managed to snatch the fourth sea chart in Zelda – The Phantom Hourglass on my DSi, which makes me feel even better. That Temple of the Ocean King is really some nasty piece. I’m just wondering why those games have gotten so tough over the years. You know, back then I loved Zelda on the Super Nintendo and Game Boy and they felt more relaxed… Inbetween, I’m working a bit on the website as you may already have guessed from some of this week’s posts and try to finish up some After Effects projects that have been catching dust for a while. The program’s inability to store persistent variables for expressions causes me quite some head scratching currently, as I find it hard (and inefficient) needing to construct additional loops around my code just to get it to re-evaluate over and over again. Life would be so much easier if I could just do the grab it – store it – shove it with my values *sigh*.

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