Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

*Star Trek – Deep Space Nine, ep. 6, season 7

You know, it’s kinda lucky for us that Adobe isn’t in the business of meddling with genetics or else they would probably turn us all into little Vorta or Jem’Hadar and implant some worshiping genes for Flash. Since they can’t, they obviously have to convince us on other grounds and so the monstrosity that is Flash Player gets some performance enhancements, some security fixes and new features every now and then, as has happened today. Naturally, those enhancements also ripple through to Adobe AIR, but that one has written "fail" written all over it. At least to this day I haven’t seen a widget/ app that I would want to have on my computers and the lack of content makes the whole thing as attractive to me like men with hairy asses… Anyway, for reasons all know we can’t possibly do without Flash until HTML5 gets its feet off the ground as a finalized standard, so it would at least be smart to update this little piece of software, if you are a reqular visitor of sites using it, especially in light of the recent wave of not so harmless exploits.

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