It’s Wednesday!

Yes, it’s been a week since I last added something to this blog, but currently there is not much happening that would be worth reporting or at least that I would be allowed to tell you. I have mostly recovered from my cold, but when I cycle to work, I still feel like puking out my lungs. Amazing how quickly the human body degenerates… After weeks of rain and bad weather it is now friggin’ hot and equally, the effect it has on thinking straight is one more sign of how fragile the human mind is. If it would help, I possibly could put some ice cubes in my undies, which is all I’m wearing, but as we all know that may have other ill effects. Incidentally, I might be a bit more refreshed, if I had a press accreditation to visit ILA in Berlin. From what I hear, those exhibition tents and hangars are well conditioned to keep all this sensitive equipment safe. Well, one of these days…

A news of some concern this week was Todd Kopriva, current head honcho on the After Effects Community Help pointing out that the search for a successor to his position is on (move here, type in 04152 as the job reference number). Now things at my current employer are still looking somewhat bleak and trying something new in my life generally sounding like not too bad an idea, I was actually tempted for a moment to pick up this job, but I just couldn’t find it in my heart to apply. The prospect of moving to the States is a bit too overwhelming and while I may have some sort of fun doing all this After Effects nerd stuff for my own web site, doing it all day does sound a little dull. I still enjoy the creative side of things too much and I just don’t see how I would have the freedom and time to keep doing that. I also do not particularly care for "for 2 or more Adobe products and technologies". as if taking care of one product in 7 languages weren’t enough to worry about. On the other hand, according to the "A Day in the Life" video there’s lots of cycling people working at big red A. Now imagine, San Francisco being the gay "capital" of the US plus some guy with a nice well trained ass, possibly working in the office next to me…. What opportunities! But well, I digress. Chances are it’s never gonna happen. Or should I? I’m really torn.

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