Телевизор капут (Televisor kaput)!

Being down with a cold again and trying to survive the few hours at work and my usual household chores, it so happens that I’m spending a considerable part of the day in my bed (currently with sand brown blankets, ivory sheets and an ivory and chocolate brown pillow, if you must know) either just dozing away the time with the occasional daydream about some nicely shaped guy in his undies lying next to me or on the other hand, staring at the TV with my half-working brain. It so happens that I was doing the latter yesterday evening, watching Conspiracy (fantastic HBO TV movie about the Wannsee conference and the starring Kenneth Brannagh, Stanley Tucci and several other great British/ American actors) on DVD again, when my TV set decided it was time to say goodbye after 7 years and it wouldn’t go down quietly. Just the opposite. With a striking flash of lightning caused by the high voltage converter going down it bombed out the fuse and suddenly I found myself sitting in a much darker room. Luckily, since I’m a somewhat "green" person, I have most of my devices on plugs with separate switches, so colateral damage was limited to a Halogen bed light also burning out. Still, I’m glad it happened while I was around. Imagine the damage this could have done when unobserved. You know, burning curtains and all that…

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