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Nukeing hot!

I know my cheap puns may not go down too well, but as the outside temperatures are slowly but steadily rising to a predicted 36 degrees on the weekend, it really feels like what the heat wave must be after a nuclear bomb has been set off. I’m just an inch away from putting ice […]

It’s Sunday and it’s good!

Yepp, our German boys just wiped the floor (or more precisely, the lawn) with England‘s team and is now moving on to the quarter finals. Will be a tough call, though, no matter whether they will play against Mexico or Argentina. In Formula 1, Vettel scored a victory, too, which isn’t that bad, either, given […]

Meditations on a Crimson Shadow

More fun from the deep end of web development… Trust me, revisiting your PHP templates every few months is potentially quite confusing. What always gets me, is that WordPress is so inconsequently structured. It’s really like they couldn’t make up their minds about clean external configurability and are imposing pre-formatted HTML constructs and CSS element […]

Web Design suckz!

It’s now 30 years of the World Wide Web, everybody goes crazy over HTML5 vs. Flash and yet, in the end, putting together web content still sucks. We are still here, elaborately crafting hierarchies of tags in the vain hopes that our pages look good in every browser, use the legacy GIF format for displaying […]

There are some Monsters in the House

Now if I hadn’t lent my 7 year old Canon PowerShot cam to my brother, I could show you a picture, but since I can’t, this Google search will have to do and hopefully some cute little green dragon children’s alarm clock is staring at you as it is staring at me as I’m writing […]

Nutty Nut gone Bonkers!

Whoa…! Perhaps one of the few advantages of getting a bit older is that you don’t hang around too much in certain fashion outlets. This not only greatly reduces the chances of getting aggravated when you realize that half the people in the disco are wearing the same H&M T-shirt you thought was so fitting […]

Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

*Star Trek – Deep Space Nine, ep. 6, season 7 You know, it’s kinda lucky for us that Adobe isn’t in the business of meddling with genetics or else they would probably turn us all into little Vorta or Jem’Hadar and implant some worshiping genes for Flash. Since they can’t, they obviously have to convince […]